I have given my full consent to be included in this Proposal

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Jin akashini

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Hi every one,

I would like to ask you meaning of the red sentence below:

"I have given my full consent to be included in this Proposal"..

I find this sentence ambigous, does it mean "I will undertake tasks included in this Proposal" ?

The sentence above is taken from curriculum vitae of a Specialist I have to translate from English into Vietnamese and I don't know the author.

  • PaulQ

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    English - England
    You will have to decide, based on the context, what was intended.

    1. The cost of being included in this proposal was that I gave my consent to something.
    2. I have accepted the risks inherent in this proposal.
    3. As Keith says above.

    Only the context will clarify.


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    English - U.S.
    A proposal, such as a research proposal that is submitted to a funding organization, usually involves the participation of several people. A proposal might say, for example, "Egmont will work on the project ten hours a week, from the sixth to the tenth month, to provide data analysis." Maybe I didn't write the proposal, but the funding organization will want to know if I know that my name is in it and that I am expected to work on the project. So, I might sign a statement such as this. Then, people who read the proposal will know that I have agreed to be part of the project team.
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