I have got the last 4000 years straight!


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It's my first time to post here. I'm wondering if I should post this to English-Only Forum.
I am watching the Sci-Fi movie "man from earth" and I can't understand this dialogue, said by the protagonist, who has lived 14,000 years.
The context was:
Well, I didn't learn it in school.​
That's my best guess,​
Based on archaeological data, maps, anthropological research.​
Since mesopotamia,​
I've got the last... 4,000 years straight.​
and I'm also confused with another sentence "I didn't know up from sideways." When I searched it, google led me to this wonderful website, and I got the answer from some English-spanish forum. It says it's a more polite way to say "I didn't know what I was doing/I didn't know the first thing I was supposed to do". But how come? Could anyone explain it to me? I prefer in Chinese but both English and Chinese will be appreciated.
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    get something straight(clear,not comlicated)


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    Get something straight是搞清楚某事的意思,就是说「过去四千年的历史,我都弄懂了」(我不知道上下文,但大槪是这个意思)

    got it. 是knock sb. sideways这个习语的一个变种。谢谢
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