I have haru haru stuck in my head


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Right now, I'm trying to write a Korean letter to my friend,
and I was wondering how to write
"I have Haru Haru stuck in my head"

I know that Haru Haru is 하루하루
but I cannot write the rest ... :confused:

Please help me :)

P.S. I would like to have a Korean tutor too please :D
  • syun_a

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    I love this song ^_________^
    You would write: 빅뱅의 하루하루가 머리에 밖혀있어.

    It litterally means: Big Bang's Haru Haru is nailed on my head.


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    You can also say 빅뱅의 하루하루가 머리에 (머리속에) 맴돈다. It means "Big Bang's Haru Haru is roaming around in my mind. It is a bit softer than 머리에 밖혀있어.
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