I have no gains here


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I'm trying to recall a line that happened in a Facebook group chat. Two people argued about something to the extent of being at each other's throats. A third person, who didn't know either of them, wanted to deescalate the situation and tell them to tone down the speech. To preface that, she needed to declare that she didn't intend to help anyone. So she said: "For starters, I have no gains here..."
Is "have no gains" the proper phrase?
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    An internet argument seems too superficial to me. I would expect to hear it in a more serious personal situation. There is no reason to think she did have a bias. "I have nothing to gain" seems like a better option to me.


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    My version in #2 is the usual way of saying that, in my neck of the woods anyway.

    A similar construction is to “have something (or nothing) to show for [something]” after it has happened.