I have no recommendation of that.

emre aydın

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FBI agents interrogate the employees of a brokerage firm:

Attorney: Gladys Carrera?
Employee1: Doesn't ring a bell.
Employee2: Sorry, I have no recommendation of that.
Employee3: No idea. I don't recall that transaction.

(The Wolf of Wall Street)

What is the definition for "recommendation" here? It sounds to me like "connotation", but its usual meaning doesn't seem to fit here.

Thanks for your help.
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    I am sure "recollection" is the correct word. It fits perfectly. "Recommendation" does not make a meaningful sentence.
    I agree with aint and doji. It has to be recollection. (memory of)

    And I have no recollection of that is a set legal phrase used when people have to testify to tell the truth under oath, or could possibly be later called to do so, in legal/criminal circumstances.

    (That way, they can't face perjury charges of lying if it later turns out that they were involved. They'll simply say that at the time they were first asked, they simply had not remembered.:))

    emre aydın

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    He definitely says "recommendation". I guess the actor or the scriptwriter was somewhat confused.

    Thank you all.


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    It could well be an attempt at humour* by the employee or an attempt by the scriptwriter to make the employee sound either dumb or ornery:)

    Inspired, possibly by Grougho Marx's famous - I resemble that remark (deliberate alteration from I resent, for humour)
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