I have noticed some times n and ñ → ALT + 164

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  1. Annubiss

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    Español Colombia
    When writing a word with ñ please try to do not put n, because their sound is very different...

    On PC systems, while pressing ALT and typing on the numeric board 164 → ñ
    and 165 for Ñ.

    thank you...:)
  2. Reina140

    Reina140 Banned

    This doesn't work for every computer program.
  3. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    What I do is press Alt + Ctrl + N = ñ. Like what I just now. For capital, I press simultaneously Alt + Ctrl + Shift + N = Ñ.
  4. Reina140

    Reina140 Banned

    This doesn't work for me either. When I do it, nothing happens
  5. Annubiss

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    Español Colombia
    Why use ASCII codes

    What I am talking about is ASCII codes, they allows you to insert a character that is not found on your keyboard.
    Examples would include: ™ ¾ ®
    How to insert ASCII codes:
    Place your mouse cursor where you want to insert the special ASCII character in your document:
    1. Hold down the "ALT" key.
    2. Type the ASCII number code.
    3. Let go of the"ALT" key.
    The character will appear on your screen at that location. Knowing ASCII codes is not only useful in web design, these codes will work in just about any program including software like MS Word and Excel and even simple programs like notepad.
    If you happen to have a copy of MS Word, you can get to a list of ASCII character easily by selecting: Insert -> symbol. You have all your ASCII characters there but be careful, you will also find a bunch of characters that work in Word but not in your web pages.
    Dreamweaver MX also has a 'Character' tab at the top of the window with many of these codes for you you to use.

    Hope this helps...bye
  6. pickypuck Senior Member

    Badajoz, Spanish Extremadura
    Extremaduran Spanish
    A very useful alternative for laptops.

    AltGr + 4 + n = ñ

    ¡Olé! :cool:
  7. Jellby

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    Spanish (Spain)
    ASCII has only 128 codes/characters, and that doesn't include accented letters or ñ. You are referring to some ASCII extension (of which there are many, with some differences) or to Unicode (which is not supported everywhere).

    Note that you only mentioned Microsoft programs, but there's a world outside Microsoft, and there's a world outside Windows. Not everyone uses Windows, and that "trick" does not work with other systems (there are usually alternative ways to get the same thing, but it's not the same procedure).

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