I have tried to look at both pilgrimage in the Middle Ages and tourism in Modern Time in the attempt of finding similarities and drawing a parallel between these two phenomenon

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Frenchie Fred

France - French
Hello everyone!

I am writing a dissertation and i am not perfectly sure of my English :(, this is a key sentence of my introduction so i need to get it right. Do you think it is correct?

  • EmilyD

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    I agree with the suggestions above, and have only a question about the spelling of:


    Could it be pilgrimMage ?

    I am using an ancient computer and cannot check without clogging up this system.

    Best wishes,



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    Why would you write "I have tried to" in an introduction? It's "in an attempt to." Surely you have evidence to back up your thesis. Be assertive: I will compare pilgrimage in the Middle Ages with tourism in Modern Times.


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    Frenchie Fred,

    You spelled pilgrimage correctly.

    Your sentence is elegant, but you could say: ..."in the attempt of drawing a parallel..." and omit, "finding similarities".

    Doesn't one have to find similarities in order to make a parallel? Again, I may be wrong. I don't have a doctoral dissertation to my name. :)

    Welcome to WordReference, by the way!

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