I haven't heard anyone asking this question to anyone

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Can we ever use "To" after ask? For example "I haven't heard anyone asking this question to anyone".
  • wandle

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    English - British
    It is better to say 'asking this question of anyone' or 'putting this question to anyone'.

    Hermione Golightly

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    British English
    'Ask a question to you/anybody/... ' is not correct although it's frequently heard. 'Ask' is not like 'explain'. 'Ask' takes two direct objects while explain is used always with 'to'.

    He explained the problem to me.:tick:
    He explained me the problem.:cross:
    He asked me the question.

    There doesn't seem a good reason to use other rather stiff alternatives,
    when 'ask (somebody) a question' is perfectly good English.

    I've never asked you/anybody what happened.
    I've never heard this question asked.
    They never asked anybody these questions.
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