I haven't logged on for a while


Someone asked me if I had received his friend request, So to say " No, because I haven't logged on in a while" would sound more correct than to say "No, because I haven't logged in for a while"?

Thanks in advance
  • Loob

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    In that case, this previous thread will help, Smart Girl: in/for a while.

    I found it by putting in for while into Dictionary and thread title search at the top of the page:).

    George French

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    Log in/on log out/off are just historical hangovers from a computing world that existed some 40-45 years ago. The terminology was being invented then to match the technology. It may have been even earlier. There is no correct form, only historical variants.

    It's a bit like the differences in UK and US English spelling. I try to use UK-EN spelling and I end up using US spelling...


    But I would never, never ever log on.... only in. That is what we did that far back.... Whatever terminology is in use for a particular service just accept/know what it is and use it. Do not tilt at windmills! :D Let me do that.
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