I hear his stories a lot now.


Hi guys,
I'm back again asking you for some help with this sentence:

I hear his stories a lot now.

Context: A woman lives in a care house. Her grandson and her son are talking together about taking her to a festival.

She suffers from dementia, and she doesn't remember that her husband died several years before.
She said her grandson that she's going to go to the festival with her (dead) husband, and her grandson says it to his father (the woman's son).

His father then answers as written above.

Source: Pecoross' Mother and her Days

I'd like to know what's the general meaning of this sentence. I think that he means that she often talks about him, but I want your opinion...

Thanks as always ;)
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    "his stories" are stories that he told. This seems to be wrong for the context. The translator seems to have confused "stories of him" (stories about him) with "his stories." (Like "photos of him" versus "his photos")
    I hear her tell stories about him a lot now.
    I hear stories about him a lot now.
    She talks about him a lot now.
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