I hesitated. But you’d anticipated I would.

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Good Evening, I don't understand the meaning of this sentence especially this "I WOULD" there.
I know that WOULD is a modal verb, a verb used with another verb to express an idea such as possibility that is not expressed by the main verb.

But in this situation i see the modal verb that isn't used with a main verb and honestly im a little lost with that detail.
Im a spanish and french speaker.

this is the context: BOOK: Stolen by Lucy Christopher

“Don’t worry, I’ll do it. You sit down.” You
gestured to where you’d been sitting, at a
table between the fake palm trees, over by
the window.

I hesitated. But you’d anticipated I would.
You touched me gently on the shoulder, your
hand warm on my skin. “Hey, it’s OK, I won’t
bite,” you said softly.
  • mariogn14

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    If I tell you that it means "you had anticipated that I would hesitate," does that make it any clearer?
    Yes, it makes more sense in your sentence, is more complete.

    i begin with english and i think that i have to get used to listen and read that kind of short sentences.

    Thank you for your answer.
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