I hit the highway


What is the translation of this sentence, I'm not sure of its meaning

highway means 'carretera' but 'hit the highway'?

Thanks for your help!
  • "Hit the highway" = "Ir a la carretera".

    Ejemplo : "If i don't hit the highway right now im going to be late for my interview"

    "Si no me voy a la carretera ahora mismo voy a llegar tarde a mi entrevista"

    No necesariamente "golpear".


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    By here, we sometimes use the construction "darle + a" as idiom. It's used to encourage or request someone to do or start doing something. Interestingly, this meaning of the verb "dar" coincides with "to hit". For examples:

    Dale a la botella para aliviar las penas.
    Le da al acelerador como un piloto profesional.

    I don't know -I pressume that not- whether this use is so idiomatic in English as in Spanish for the phrase in question but I think it works in the example Loganlicious has brought up:

    Si no le doy a la carretera ya, voy a llegar tarde a la entrevista.

    So all that, I propose darle a la carretera as, at least, plausible translation.
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