I hope she will get well soon

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by romafan, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. romafan Senior Member


    How should I translate:

    I hope she will get well soon / I hope she will feel better soon

    Spero che lei stia di nuovo bene presto.

    How do I use congiuntivo in the future tense? Sorry, maybe this is a stupid question. Thanks in advance.
  2. Raphillon Senior Member

    Your line is quite good, nothing to correct. "Spero si senta presto meglio" could translate the second sentence.

    "Spero" needs the conjunctive.

    "Spero" + congiuntivo presente
    Exspress an hope for the future, like in your sentence "I hope she will get well"

    "Spero" + congiuntivo passato
    Express an hope about the past. "Spero sia stata una piacevole vacanza" "I hope it has been a pleasant holiday"

    "Speravo" + congiuntivo imperfetto
    Express a past hope about a present fact. "Speravo potessimo passare di qui, ma è chiuso" "I hoped we could pass through here, but it is closed"

    "Speravo" + congiuntivo trapassato
    Express a past hope about a past fact: "Speravo si sarebbe divertita durante questa gita, ma non si è divertita affatto" "I hoped she would have enjoyed this trip but she really didn't"

    I hope this is clearer, now. I'm not sure about the English forms and I would really appreciate any correction, here. Thanks

  3. DiFossa Senior Member

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    Hi Romafan!

    First and foremost, you shouldn't feel as though you've asked a stupid question. Learning another language is tricky business! :) One may say:
    Spero che lei recuperi presto.

    Spero sinceramente che sia guarita (recuperi presto) e la faccio i miei migliori auguri di benessere e salute.

    Both English wishes are correct. One may also add: I wish/bid you a speedy recovery.

    Hope that helps!
  4. romafan Senior Member

    Hi Raphillon,

    Many thanks for the extensive explanation. Very helpful. The English forms sound perfect.

  5. romafan Senior Member

    Hi DiFossa,

    Thanks, also for your encouraging words. It is quite difficult. I'm surrounded by grammar books and dictionaries, but I'll get there! :)


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