I hope that everything is fine

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  1. Angel Fermin New Member

    Hi i have to send a letter to a friend of my, but my English is not very good

    Can anyone check if this message has an error

    Hola tengo que enviar una carta a un amigo, pero mi ingles no es muy bueno podria alguien verificar si el mensaje tiene algun error en ortografia o en gramatica.

    This is the message:
    Este es el mensaje:

    Dear Vicent:

    How are you and what about the company? I hope that everything is fine…

    Do you have any good news for us, concerning the protects we talked about when you was here in Santo Domingo

    I wish that all your projects keep running well and than we can work together in a very near future.

    Best Regards,
  2. OhPaco Senior Member

    1. no comma after "us".... concerning the projects.....when you were here
    2. Put a ? after Santo Domingo
    3. I hope that all your projects....
    4. and that we can work together in the very near...

    Buena suerte..... Paco
  3. Terry Mount Senior Member

    U S A
    Some ideas that sound more natural.

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