I hope that this year would be neither piggy nor ratty

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I've just received a mail form a dear friend of mine and it contained the following expression that blured me: "I hope that this year would be neither piggy nor ratty"
Can anybody help me with this one?
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    I'm sure Panjandrum is right. Last year (2007) was the year of the Pig (or Boar), this year (2008) is the year of the Rat (bearing in mind that the Chinese new year has not yet begun, so it is still the year of the Boar in early Jan 2008). I presume that your friend is referring to the not so attractive attributes of these two animals in a jokey way and is hoping that neither of these qualities will apply to your year. Piggy could refer to over-eating, and ratty means shabby or in bad condition.
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