I hope that you like it

Discussion in 'Română (Romanian)' started by JunjouLover, Jul 11, 2009.

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    How would you say "I hope that you like it?"
    I'm confused on whether you'd use că or să, and if you use că, if you should use the subjunctive.


    "Sper că îţi place?" or "Sper că îţi placă?" or "Sper să îţi placă?"
  2. anto33 Senior Member

    Hello, you can use both of them.
    Sper că îţi place-present indicative
    Sper să îţi placă-present conjunctive (not subjunctive)
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    JunjouLover, maybe you'll like this thread, which was started by yours truly.
  4. JunjouLover Member

    San Diego, CA
    American English
    Multumesc pentru ajutorul vostru!

    After fumbling around the link, I think I got most of what it was saying.

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