I hope this will help


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A : I forwarded all the information required to your colleague.
I hope this helps or I hope this will help.

Can I use both? or only one fits in this sentence?

Thank you

  • nichec

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    I prefer "I hope this will help".
    But both could be used, I think.


    Though I personally prefer "I hope this helps", that way, it sounds like a fact, not just a wish, or something that's only going to happen in the future.


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    Question, what do you think is correct?

    I hope this helps or I hope this help.

    Since "hope" indicates uncertainty, shouldn't we use subjunctive, therefore "I hope this help"


    Thank you!


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    I can see why, being a native Spanish speaker, that you might think "I hope this help" is correct, but English only really uses the subjunctive for the verb "to be" - hence why "I hope this helps" is correct.


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    Thank you for the clarification. I am not sure about the subjunctive used only for verb "to be". Ex. ''It is important that she study more" I understand that is it more visible with verb "to be" but I think subjunctive applies for all verbs, pretty much.

    Any thoughts? Thanks

    Ann O'Rack

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    That's a bit of a digression, so perhaps topic for a different thread.

    Getting back to the original question, either sentence is acceptable (or both sentences are acceptable) and both are seen frequently, though I get the feeling that using "will help" has more of a suggestion of doubt than "helps". (I don't know why, it's just how it feels to me. I'm sure someone will come along to explain in depth - if they feel the need.)