I hope you had a wonderful/great day

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  1. stealthesky Member

    danish, denmark
    hello everybody :)
    how do I say:

    "I hope you had a wonderful/great day"

    "I hope you've had a wonderful/great day so far"

    "did u have a good day ?"
  2. didber

    didber Member

    Rennes - France
    French France
    Essai : J'espère que vous avez passé une (très) bonne journée
  3. stealthesky Member

    danish, denmark
    how about

    "did u have a good day"

    or "how was your day"
  4. carolineR

    carolineR Senior Member

    Indian Ocean
    As-tu passé une bonne journée ?
    comment s'est déroulée cette journée ? (very formal)
    comment s'est passée cette journée (formal)
    Ta journée ? c'était bien ? or c'était chouette ? (very unformal)
  5. stealthesky Member

    danish, denmark
    thanx for the answers :)

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