I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by carpi<3, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. carpi<3 Member

    english - america

    Come se dice "I hope you have a wonderful birthday!" ?

    I was thinking it would be "Spero che tu abbia un compleanno meraviglioso," but I'm always wrong!!

    Grazie mille!!!
  2. jeffc418 Senior Member

    Ciao! As another native English speaker, I would have to agree with you and suggest the alternative of Spero che avrai un compleanno meraviglioso, which Google has two more results of :p.

    Spero d'averti aiutato!
  3. Miachetemio

    Miachetemio Senior Member

    Both sentences are correct and can be used.

    Spero che tu abbia... ( present) I would use it only if you expect it will be read on the very birthday or the day before.
    Spero che avrai.... (future) if you expect it will be read in the days before birthday.

  4. carpi<3 Member

    english - america
    grazie a voi!!!
  5. cartaplus

    cartaplus Senior Member

    Si puo' anche dire: Spero tu abbia un meraviglioso compleanno (senza il che).

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