I hope you

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I hope you will find an hosing. I hope it really help.

Is that correct?
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  • Loob

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    Hello, Vaska

    Are you asking whether you can use both the present and the future tense after "hope"?

    If so, the answer's "yes":)

    Don't forget that the third person singular of the present tense takes an "s", though - I hope it really helps.

    PS I don't, I'm afraid, understand "an hosing":confused:

    Harry Batt

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    The forum requires that you state your thread within the context that it is used. Could you furnish the context for this one?

    Also, you often find the article ending with a consonant before the word beginning with "h." However, the actual rule is that you use the article which best
    ellides with the noun. Eg., Use a history to describe a past event. Not, use an history to describe a past event. Eg., His recollection was an hallucination. Not, his recollection was a hallucination.


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    I'm not familiar with a meaning of "hosing" that you would wish upon someone.

    I thought you might mean "housing," in which case no article would be used.
    I hope you find housing.

    This is why context is important - It's hard to tell which items might be errors in your sentence.
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