I insist on going out.


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I'm trying to make a dialogue so that my students can act it out:
( The plot will be: the son wanted to play outside, but the mom stopped him. Later, the son was caught in the storm and got a bad cold)

Son: Wow, the flowers are so beautiful. And the birds are flying freely. How I want to play outside!
Mom: No, the radio says there will be a heavy storm this afternoon. You will catch a cold.
Son: No, no. I insist on going out( I must go out or I want to go out).

If the son is a boy who seldom listens to others' advice but does whatever he likes, what expression is possible in the situation please? I insist on going out, I must go out, or I want go out?

Thank you in advance
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    Simply based on the way boys normally speak "I want to go out" seems to me the only possible answer. I must go out and I insist on going out would be very stilted and formal coming out of a boy's mouth, unless he were very precocious.


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    "I have to go outside" is plausible coming from a young boy (it has the same meaning as "I must"). But otherwise I agree with Logos #2.


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    Your first two suggestions are grammatical but not the way children talk in our culture.
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