I just touched the big blue bunny with my sticky wand!

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  1. pazza_ragazza

    pazza_ragazza Senior Member

    Hello guys! Well, in this case I understand the vocabulary from this phrase, but I would like to know if there's something I miss it, because I dont understand what it means. I'd appreciate some help! Thanks in advance!
    By the way, context is something I saw on facebook. Someone commented "That is illegal in many countries." to what they replied "Not here darling!".

  2. WombleK

    WombleK Senior Member

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    "'That is illegal in many countries'. to which they replied 'Not here darling!'."

    Es una insinuación sexual. Como "wand" significa "pene".
  3. donbeto

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    Eng (Canada)
    Concuerdo con WombleK.
  4. pazza_ragazza

    pazza_ragazza Senior Member

    Thanks for correcting me :) Pero sigo sin entender...en ese caso, que significaria el "big blue bunny"? Es que no entiendo la frase en general. Thanks in advance guys.
  5. JasonNPato Senior Member

    GA USA
    I think it is supposed to be a magical reference, likely meant only to make readers giggle a bit (because it is nonsensical). The big blue bunny doesn't really have any double meaning - it is just a part of the magicality of the phrase.

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