I knew I['d] found someone special (difference?)

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flamboyant lad

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It's from the movie "The mask"

Tina to Stanley: I knew I'd found someone special.

Self-made: I knew I found someone special.

I guess in the original sentence, the past perfect is used in the subordinate clause whereas the simple past is used in my version.

Are both sentences grammatical? If yes, what's the difference in the meaning?
  • Hildy1

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    English - US and Canada
    "I knew I found someone special" could mean "I knew that I considered someone to be special."


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    English - England
    So you mean it's not possible to use "I knew I found someone special"?
    No, I did not say if it were good or not.

    I was asking for some sort of context and/or why you wanted to say this and what you intended it to mean.

    Hildy1 has suggested a meaning... I suspect that it was not your intended meaning.
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