I know I am.


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Hi folks, this is cited from a cartoon named XMen
Context: One hero says this to his twin, actually he was a shape changer.
The part made me confused is "I know I am." Does it mean "I know who I am or I am surprised (because they seem twins)

"Surprised to see me? I know I am."
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    It is something of a joke. The obvious meaning is "Are you surprised to see me? I know I am surprised to see you," but "I know I am" (on its own) does not really fit.

    Ordinarily, "I know I am/was" is used after "Are/were you...?" when referring to a third thing: "Are you surprised to see Peter here? I know I am." It can be used as a form of joke with just two people, generally with an implied meaning "I know I am surprised to see me", which could be because the speaker did not expect to be there, or, as appears to be the case here, because "me" and "you" look the same.


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    After reading a few times, I saw that the second "I" would be stressed with the voice
    (to make contrast with the "you" that is implied by "[Are you] surprised to see me?"
    So I would write it in italic font: "I know I am."


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    This is a quote in IMDb (two separate parts).

    [Mystique has shape changed to Gambit's form]
    Gambit : Surprised to see me? I know I am.

    Bishop : [sees two Gambits] TWO of you?
    Gambit : That one's an impostor! A shapeshifter!
    Bishop : Maybe... Better take you both out, just to be sure!

    So they don't normally look alike. That one has changed to look like the other. That's why he says he's surprised to see himself. It's not normal.

    Added (based on research):

    Further research shows they are not actual twins. I think Enkidu used "twin" in a way he didn't realize would be easy to misunderstand. Mystique is a she and is the mother/foster mother (?) of Gambit's wife. They have a problematic relationship.
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