I know she is keen to move things along


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hi everyone,
it's the first time i'm posting here and i do really appreciate your huge work.
For that reason i have a question:

i'm having some interviews and yesterday unfortunately i got injuried . I have written to a person "Unfortunately i can partecipate bla bla this week" and he answered me:
"bla bla maybe we can organize a call between the two of you? I know she is keen to move things along."

Whaty does is means?
It means that she wants to proceed with my application maybe and cannot wait to have a talk with me OR
it means that she doesn't want to bring things along more than a week?

It's the first time that i really can't undesrtand what this means.
I would really appreciate any help
  • Beryl from Northallerton

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    Hello fgennati, and Welcome to the Forum! :)

    It means she wants to expedite matters with alacrity. She doesn't want the processing of your application to be delayed. She may even be slightly impatient to get it done. :)

    Please remember to capitalise the pronoun 'I'.


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    Hi Beryl,
    sorry for the capitalisation but i'm writing wth one one hand , got a fracture to my left pinkie sorry

    many thanks for your reply, this really makes me hopeful
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