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    I would like to say 'I like gardening' and my initial thought would be to use 'Lubię uprawiać ogród'. However, I'm wondering if is there a more specific verb to refer to the act of tending a garden? I can't seem to find one myself. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Despite being perfectly understandable and idiomatic (though "Uprawiać ogródek" seems far more common), your proposal is not something I'd be very likely to say. It strikes me as quite formal. I'd probably just say "Lubię zajmować się ogrodem/ogródkiem" or "Lubię pracować przy ogrodzie/ogródku". This might well be just me, though.
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    I would add one nuance.

    If we talk about a garden aside a house or in a rural area, "ogród" or "ogródek" (the latter being a diminuitive of the former, and is used more likely when we talk about something rather small). However, sometimes in or nearby cities there are fenced areas consisting only of small gardens cultivated by owners. Sometimes they include also cottages, but they are small and form rather a place of relax, storing gardening tools or shelters during the rain rather than regular inhabitance. In such cases a common word 'działka' (formally: 'ogródek działkowy') is used instead of 'ogród'. A common phrase can also be 'lubię spędzać czas na działce', because it's obvious that a time in such a garden is not only a relax, but also work.

    This is also a case with 'ogród', and 'ogródek': "lubię spędzać czas w ogródku" ('I like to spend time in a little garden') typically means that you like to work and cultivate it, not only sit and listen to the bees. On the other hand, when I think of "lubię spędzać czas w ogrodzie" ('I like to spend time in a garden'), it's not so obvious, because in such case garden may refer "Kensington Gardens" as well, ;) often cultivated by hired professional(s), so spending time there may mean a pure relax.
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    It could also be translated as 'lubię prace ogrodowe.'

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