I like it here vs I like here

Brave Heart

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Hi all,

I often see such expressions as "I like it here" and "She likes it here" (meaning they like this place), but on rare occasions I also see such expressions as "I like here" and "She like here" (in a context seemingly implying the same meaning as the former).

Are the latter expressions totally wrong?

Thanks. :)
  • mjscott

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    They are not totally wrong.

    Example, (My husband and I are trying to set up a camping tent:

    "If we set up over here and it rains, we'll be out of the downstream flow."
    --"Well, you might like there, but I like here (where I'm standing)."


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    In a casual conversation I don't think it would be a problem. I would tend to hear "here" as if it had quotes around it.

    I've been here and there. I like "here" better. :)

    I wouldn't write it in a paper, though, nor would I use it in a formal setting. It's slightly sloppy but it gets the message across.