I like seeing or I like watching football in the stadium

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  1. ceteach Member

    Hi everybody!

    Could you please tell me which of my sentences is correct? I want to say that I prefer going to an stadium to see a football match than watching it on tv.

    I like seeing football in the stadium more.
    I like watching football in the stadium more.

    Thanks a lot!!!
  2. spielenschach Senior Member

    Portugal . Portuguese
  3. larkale07 Member

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    I must agree with Spielenschach!
  4. daniel_knight New Member

    Valencia, Spain
    In any case whether it is on television or in the stadium I'd say you would be more correct to use the expression "watching", if you want to emphasize that you like to watch it in a stadium without stating the fact (in a stadium) you'd need to add "watching live"....
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  5. aztlaniano

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    En todo caso: at the stadium, frente a on TV/the telly.
  6. JennyTW Senior Member

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    Ceteach, it should be "a" not "an stadium", and I hope that doesn't mean you pronounce it "estadium"!

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