I 'live / lived / had lived' in Canada: tense and time periods.

Discussion in 'English Only' started by o1686, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. o1686 Member

    what do you guys usually say when somebody ask you where you live?

    In terms of country:
    I live in Canada or I live Canada?
    In terms of place:
    I live in residence or I live residence?

    Also, what is the difference(s) between I had lived in Canada since 2010 and I lived in Canada since 2010. It is like comparing structure of sentences between present perfect tense and past tense. It seems like there are any grammatical problem to me. Can anybody explain?

    Thank you in advance:)
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  2. kdan Member

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    I live in Canada.
    I live in (name of place).

    "I had lived..." sounds like you used to live in Canada, but no longer do.
    "I lived in Canada..." would sound better to me as "I have lived in Canada since 2010." This implies that you still live there.
    But I don't know if I really understand what you're trying to say.
  3. o1686 Member

    Basically, "I have lived in Canada since 2010" and "I lived in Canada since 2010" is the same meaning but the first sentence sounds better. Is this what you meant?
    I just wanna know that both sentences are the same meaning or the different meaning and contain whether grammatical errors or not.
  4. kdan Member

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    If you you mean that you still live there, the sentence would be "I have lived in Canada since 2010."
    "I lived in Canada since 2010" just sounds weird to me and I don't think that it means the same thing as "I have lived..."
  5. liliput

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    As it's currently 2010, I can't say "I've lived there since 2010" at the moment so I think it would be best to change the example year (if you have only moved there this year, then you could say "since the start of this year"):

    With "since 2004" it must be the present perfect tense (I have lived) or present perfect continuous (I have been living). The latter implies a more temporary condition.

    "I lived in Canada since 2004" is simply incorrect. If you don't live there anymore you could say "I lived there from 2004 to 2008" for example.

    In certain circumstances you may use the past perfect e.g. "It was quite hard to get used to living in England again, as we had lived in Canada since 2004".

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