I lived in a sublet share in Brooklyn

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    I think previously it would have been sublet/share, but this may well be changing in areas where these arrangements are more common. Your understanding seems correct to me, as long as piso can mean apartment.


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    No, you're right, and it's a very awkward phrase to me too. I didn't explain myself very well. Also, I don't live in Brooklyn.

    Sublet is often used as a noun -- so a sublet can be shared. Is there a noun for "sublet" in Spanish?

    I only meant that I think 'a sublet' can refer to an apartment, or a flat, a townhouse - so, I didn't want to tell you that your translation is correct if 'piso' specifically translates as 'floor' or 'level' of a building. But overall, your understanding seems right -- un apartamento o piso subarrendado y compartido.

    Sorry if I am just adding to the confusion!
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