I look at <me, myself> in the mirror.

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Hi everyone

I'd like to know if both sentences are correct:

1. I look at me in the mirror.
2. I look at myself in the mirror.

Thanks for helping me!
  • Pitt

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    Thanks! But why is incorrect I look at me in the mirror? Is there any grammatical rule?

    Thanks for the answer!
    i think that when the subject and object of a verb are the same person (or thing) you use some version of 'self.'

    me --> myself
    you --> yourself or yourselves (if subject is plural, of course)
    him --> himself
    her --> herself
    it --> itself
    us --> ourselves
    them --> themselves


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    If you imagine that the image in the mirror is distinctly different from yourself you could say, "I look at the me that is in the mirror and I see a different me than I know."

    That is the only exception I can think of where you would use "me" instead of "myself".


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    To indicate the reflexivity of the verb the "myself" is required. Reflexivity means that the subject and object of the verb are the same.

    If you use "me", the subject and object of the verb will be assumed to be different. The sentence "Look at me" is requesting that the listener look at your image in the mirror. In "I look at me in the mirror" there is a conflict with the established subject of the sentence "I look at . . ." and the expected change of object to someone else. Therefore it is grammatically incorrect and confusing to the listener.
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