I look forward to conducting research in Japan

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    Hi guys,

    I'm a student who will be introducing myself to a government office (who gave me a scholarship to study at a local University), thanking them for the opportunity to conduct research while developing the relationship between Idaho and Tokyo.

    I was told that it would be best to use keigo, but I know very little ultra polite Japanese. Could someone help me write the following (or something in the same vein) in polite Japanese?:

    "Hello everyone, it's very nice to meet you. My name is ralextheconq and I am from City, Idaho. I look forward to conducting research in Japan. I also look forward to learning more about Japan while teaching about my own culture. Thank you for this opportunity."

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    (Is this a speech or a letter? I'm asking this because I found a post on another forum where someone replied to this using "拝啓", and 拝啓/敬具 are only used in a formal letter, as you might know...)
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  3. ralextheconq New Member

    Thanks! It was for an aisatsu.

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