I love my brothers

Discussion in 'Lingua Latina (Latin)' started by udinho, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. udinho New Member

    Hi everybody!

    I'm not sure about the order of the words in this sentence.

    I want to write I love my brothers, so I would try frātrēs meī dīligō.
    but I'm not sure about that, could you help me, please?
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    Hello udinho,

    Welcome to the forum. :)

    How about "frātrēs meōs dīligō"?

    I think your word order is fine. I would only suggest you use the possessive adjective (meus, mea, meum) instead of the pronoun (meī).
  3. udinho New Member

    Hey Cagey, thank you for you quick answer!

    This is a good place to get answers, this was the only time I had to ask something =)

    Can I ask another thing here or do I have to check/create a thread for that? Is about those macrons.
  4. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

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    Hello udinho,

    Do you want to ask about the macrons in the topic sentence?
    If so, you can ask it here.

    If you have a more general question, you should start a new thread.
    We find we can be more helpful when we focus on one thing at a time. ;)

    However, before you start a thread on macrons, please look at this one:
    Macrons, their importance / Latin vowel length
    It may answer your question. You are welcome to add a question to that thread, if it seems suitable.
  5. udinho New Member

    Thank you again, Cagey!

    that thread answered my question!
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    Ainda que o amigo Cagey já deu uma resposta ajeitada. Só assinalar que com os nomes de parentesco não é preciso emlatim usar os possesivos. Quando menos, na boa prosa clássica.

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