I love my family very much

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  1. starryhazy New Member

    Chinese, Hong Kong
    how to say "i love my family very much" in spanish?

    p.s. actually i've been learning spanish for months. but i still don't quite know how to make up sentences. :(
  2. Markos Member

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    Hi, and welcome to this forum!

    The translation would be "Quiero mucho a mi familia" o "Amo mucho a mi familia"
  3. Hidrocálida

    Hidrocálida Senior Member

    Amo mucho a mi familia /Quiero mucho a mi familia
  4. Mei Senior Member

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    Hi there,

    You can also say: Adoro a mi família.

  5. starryhazy New Member

    Chinese, Hong Kong
    gracias! :)

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