I love my job. It's a bit of a hobby to me.

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Hello. Is it possible to use ´a bit of a...´ in a positive meaning like in the sentence below? I found that it is used especially for negative things or for things which are difficult to achieve. If it´s not possible to use it in a positive meaning, could you give me some tips what could be used instead? Thank you?

I love my job. It´s a bit of a hobby to me. (= my job is a hobby to me)
  • Istarion

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    British English
    Hi Mysina,
    In British English that would sound perfectly natural, yes. In this context it actually seems to intensify the sense of the sentence, though that could depend on the intontation.


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    British English (Sussex)
    Sorry to disagree, but it doesn't sound at all natural to me , especially the "to ". I'd say possibly "For me it's more like a hobby". "A bit of a hobby" doesn't fit in with the idea of doing something one loves, it's a bit too weak.(Unless you were going for British under-statement ?). Just my opinion of course.
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