I love my son as much as my daughter = I love them in the same way/equally???



"- You've got two children, haven't you?
- Yes, I have.
- Which of them do you love the most?
- I love them in the same way." ???

What is the correct way of saying the last sentence in this short dialogue? The meaning is: "I love my son as much as my daughter".
Would "equally" fit in here better than "in the same way"?

Thank you!
  • Uncle Jack

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    British English
    "Equally" is far better than "in the same way". It is the word "way" that is the problem, seeming to suggest you love them in a particular manner, rather than loving them with equal intensity.

    If you omit "way", then "I love them the same" is fine, although adding "both" after "them" would make it more natural, and you can also add "both" to the "equally" sentence.
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