I love the holidays, but there is nothing to do here

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Peanut butter jello girl

English - England
I'm trying to say the above sentence.
My attempt was ""Ich liebe die Ferien, weil hier es nicht zumachen geben"
I'm not entirely sure about the verbs? All help will be much appreciated☺

Thank youuuu
  • Peanut butter jello girl

    English - England
    Whoops, yes I did, but wouldn't that mean I have to include a "fahren" in there?
    So would it be "Ich liebe Ferien fahren, weil man nichts tun muss" or "Ich liebe Ferien fahren, weil es nichts zu tun gibt"

    Thank you!


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    You never mentioned fahren. Ferien fahren is definitly wrong.
    I love the holidays -> ich liebe Ferien

    There is a set phrase in den Urlaub fahren. One member of the rather famous band Die Ärzte calls himself Farin Urlaub (Fahr in den Urlaub). So here you go:

    Ich fahre gerne in den Urlaub, weil man nichts tun muss.

    Ferien -> vacation from school
    Urlaub -> vacation from work


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    I agree with Frieder, of course.

    I guess if you are texting it to someone, while you or on vacation/holiday, it might be slightly different. Is that the case?

    Maybe: Ich liebe es, Urlaub zu machen, aber hier gibt es gar nichts zu tun.
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