I love you and I miss you a lot


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I'd like to know both the pronunciation (or anyway the way you write it with latin font, for example in chat) and how to write it in Arabic (for a Lebanese guy from Beirut).
The only thing I know is that I can say "eshtaatellak" meaning "I miss you", but I don't even know how to write it in Arabic.

Thanks in advance :)
  • twinPeaks17

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    Thank you Masjeen!
    It would be great if you or anyone else can tell me how to write it in Arabic as well - I mean, with Arabic font.

    Oh, and by the way: is "Bhibbak" like only for lovers/only for friends? I mean, does it sound weird if it's said by a friend? or by a lover? Or maybe it works for both, like in English?
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