I love you with all my heart

  • stevesjlee

    너를 진심으로 (진정으로, 온맘으로)사랑해 sounds closer to the expression.
    However, it sounds more like a written style. People rarely say it in a verbal conversation...


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    just curious though, i've seen some other translations where it's 내 온 마음을 다해 널 사랑해

    what exactly does the character in front mean? and does in what ways does it change the sentence?


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    Korean - South
    너 진짜 사랑해 sounds so weird... And both of 나 너 진짜 사랑해 and 나 너 정말 사랑해 sound a bit awkward to me.

    If I were you, I'd like to say 진심으로 사랑해 or 내 온 마음을 다해 널 사랑해. These two express the essential meaning of what you suggested first. Besides, they don't sound lyrics-ish or excessive. Just really romantic.
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