I love you, you are my boo-boo!

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  1. Jose Maria Senior Member

    I live in a place in the high sky called moon. lol
    Granada (España) //// English (GB)
    I don't know how many times I have heard that from my girlfriend and I still don't know what it means exactly. I think it means my darling but in an informal way (american way), so can anyone explain me what it does mean? and a proper translation in spanish? where does it comes from? All the information you can give about it would be appreciatted.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. araceli Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentine, Spanish
  3. Jose Maria Senior Member

    I live in a place in the high sky called moon. lol
    Granada (España) //// English (GB)
    Thank you, Araceli. I got the response for where it comes from and that confirms what I was thinking about. It comes from the Afro-american, so is it the same my boo than my boo-boo? With regards to urban dictionary it says that my boo-boo can mean amazing incredible man and then I would really appreciatte if someone can give a good translation for this expression into spanish. At a first time I got confused because the world boo can mean shit and it is used to express uncontent as well, then I found the other meanings, so does anyone know about a good translation for this word?
    Thank you very much.
  4. VenusEnvy

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    I call my boyfriend "My boo-boo" also. But, for me, "Boo" and "Boo-boo" are totally different.

    I actually call my puppy "Boo-boo" as well. :rolleyes: It's simply a cute, loving nickname.
  5. Jose Maria Senior Member

    I live in a place in the high sky called moon. lol
    Granada (España) //// English (GB)
    Thank you, do you know a good translation in spanish?
  6. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

    Maryland, USA
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    Pues, "boo-boo" no tiene una traducción semejante porque de verdad, ¡No es una palabra real en inglés! Creo que lo inventamos para parecer lindo. :p A ver...

    Diría que sería como:
    Amorcini / Amorcito
    Mi corazonito

    Cosas así.
  7. chico_intelegente New Member

    North America / American-English
    >>> A "boo" is a boyfriend or girlfriend. I call a boo-boo a cut or a scrape. So iguess the translation would be: Te amo / Te quiero, tú eres mí novio/novia.
  8. bevs15

    bevs15 New Member

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    i read that boo-boo is an american slang that means MISTAKE.
  9. Limeade Senior Member

    Yes, boo boo can be a mistake too--- boo boo has a lot of different meanings. :)
  10. Matcauthon

    Matcauthon Senior Member

    English Canada
    I'm from canada, but we still understand many american sayings, and this happens across north america. From what I know of boo's or boo-boo's. All of the below are slang terms.

    BOO!-a sound, often made by children, to try and scare someone (for fun usually)

    Boo*-as a boyfriend girlfriend (I have never heard it used this way, but it seems to exist according to previous people)

    Boo*-a fictional character, resembling a ghost, in a game I played once. I forget the games name

    Boo-Boo-a child's reference, or a reference to a childs, cut, scrape, or other superficial injury

    Boo-Boo-A mistake, can be used as "He made a boo-boo"

    I might not have gotten all the usuages, and probably didnt, but at least the ones without *'s are quite commonly used in conversation that permits them.

    To translate any of these terms, I would read my rough definitions, and then what that makes you think of, is probably what they are.

    Jose, for a translation of Boo-Boo being quote "a cute lovable name", what would you call a "cute, lovable" being? The term is slang, so it would be difficult for someone not deeply into spanish-speaking culture to translate.

    I hope that helps and doesnt just take up alot of space.
  11. Limeade Senior Member

    Then there is Yogi Bear and his friend-- Boo Boo (bear) a cartoon character.

    Your are thinking of Boo berry cereal-- He was a ghost. It's a play on words-- Boo as in ghost -- the cereal was blueberry.--- Booberry.
  12. Matcauthon

    Matcauthon Senior Member

    English Canada
    After you said that you made me question myself, and there probably is "Boo Berry cereal" but in Mario Party 5 there is a Boo which is a ghost as well, or at least according to a search on google, because I dont ever remember playing that particular game.

    Monsters Inc also had a character named Boo apparently, as the same google search said.

    edit: this site shows a list of uses for boo as well http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boo
  13. nelliot53

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