I loved them


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I'm trying to say "I loved them (the books you gave me)", but saying "Ik hou van hem" doesn't sound right... I want it to sound more effusive.
  • Red Arrow

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    It sounds wrong because the most important part of the sentence is the books. In English, you start your sentence with a subject.

    Die boeken vond ik geweldig.
    Die vond ik geweldig.
    Die (boeken) waren zalig/geweldig/fantastisch/keigoed.
    Die (boeken) waren echt de moeite.

    If you start your sentence with "ik", you are stressing that you yourself like these books (unlike other people).


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    Aaarrrhhh, this is the usual problem: there is no simple way to translate "like" and "love" really in Dutch. "Houden van" can work in quite some cases, but here it would not: "ik hield van die boeken" is grammatical but it sounds formal especially. So Red Arrow is right in suggesting that form, but his adjectives or "non-verbal rests" would have been too strong if the sentence had read: "I liked those books". However, you are referring to "I loved those books". So his suggestions are all right. We indeed need to revert to paraphrases in this informal sense.

    If you are supposed to love your enemy, then we still say "Bemin je vijand" but that sounds oddly formal to me. However, "Hou van je vijand" seems like too sentimental or something.

    I always wonder what impact the lack of a simple like/love verb has on our perception of love, but that is for the EHL section...