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Discussion in 'Català (Catalan)' started by debillot, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. debillot Senior Member

    If i wanted to say 'I made a lot of friends' would it be ok to translate it literally as:

    He fet un munt d'amics?

  2. ACQM

    ACQM Senior Member

    Manresa (Barcelona)
    Spain - Spanish
    This is not exact but more or less:

    He fet= I have made
    I made=Vaig fer

    Vaig fer un munt d'amics.
  3. innovator Senior Member

    Català (Girona)
    For a perfect translation I would need more context but, right away I agree with ACQM's answer "Vaig fer un munt d'amics"

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