I make this guy do .... / This is the guy I make do ...

Discussion in 'English Only' started by tsiyaku, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. tsiyaku Senior Member

    hello everyone,
    "I make this guy do my own dishes every night."
    "This is the guy I make do my dishes every night."This are my own sentences and my question:Is the first one can be written as the second and is the second one grammatically true?

    thanks in advance
  2. PaulQ

    PaulQ Senior Member

    English - England
    Both sentences are OK. For both to have the same meaning, 'this guy' would have to be present* when the sentence was spoken, as otherwise "this guy" can informally mean "someone".

    *or at least have been referred to earlier.
  3. Hermione Golightly

    Hermione Golightly Senior Member

    British English
    I don't know what they mean, without any context. Do you hold a gun to his head until he's done the dishes, or in some other way force him to do them? Without context they fail to communicate and the grammar is irrelevant.
  4. Parla Senior Member

    New York City
    English - US
    Like Hermione, I'm puzzled. They might make sense if you own a restaurant and he is your employee (but I don't understand the inclusion of the word "own" in the first sentence). Is that the case?

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