i may be working

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Hi, i'm studying may/might and in my grammar book says that i can write : i may be working or i may work.
Is there any difference?
Thank you very much
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    unfortunately there is only the rule, when do you use this two sentence? what is the difference in the meaning?


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    That's a big question - especially with no context to refer to. There are a lot of good grammar books which provide examples; it could be an idea to invest in one!
    Essentially though the difference is the same as the difference between simple and continous if you take away 'may' and rephrase the sentence as:
    I will possibly work.
    I will possibly be working.
    Maybe I'll work.
    Maybe I'll be working.
    So the 'be working' just adds the 'continous' idea of an action in progress at a moment in time.
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