I might get coke


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I am working in the restaurant.
One day,
I asked my customer
Would you like some drink?
and then he said
"I might get coke" (I'm not sure "get")
I served him coke
but I was wondering,
why he said "might"
I felt like whether customer really want coke or not.
becsuse Saying 'might' gave me a weak request.
so I a bit hesitated, did he want a coke or not?

'I might get coke' is the right sentence?
I reckon, it is polite expression, isn't it?
  • elroy

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    I have to say, that usage is somewhat strange, but yes, I imagine it's just a way to make the request more polite and less direct. A similar formulation is "I think I'll get a Coke" (by the way, I would use "a" before "Coke").


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    I could imagine hearing "I might have a Coke, thanks." To me, this means the customer was making up his or her mind as he or she spoke, hence the use of "might". In any case, the customer still definitely wants you to serve up a Coke! :)
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