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Discussion in 'English Only' started by dirtymike, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. dirtymike Member

    is "i miss you already" grammatically correct?

    shouldn't it be : "i missed you already",because "already" indicates something that has already happened and therefore you have to use past tense.

    thanks in advance
  2. xjm Senior Member

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    No, it should be "I miss you already." In this case "already" refers to the fact that even though the missed person has only been gone a short time, but the speaker has already come to miss him/her.

    "I missed you already" would only work if you were recounting some time in the past:

    "I remember that day. It was November 13th, 1987--just three days after you left--and I missed you already."
  3. Nymeria Senior Member

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    dirtymike, consider that 'already' has more than one meaning. One meaning is 'previously' and that is the one you are thinking of. This applies to something that happened in the past. e.g. 'I took that class already.' The class was taken in the past, hence the past tense of the word 'take', which is 'took', was used.

    In the common sentence, 'I miss you already' that is not the way 'already' is being used. Instead, it is being used indicate that something has come around quickly or happened soon. e.g 'Is it time for class already?'

    'I miss you already' therefore means that the 'missing' takes place quickly or soon. Quickly after the person leaves, s(h)e is missed.
  4. cuchuflete

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    "i miss you already", if intended to be a sentence, is grammatically wrong for two reasons:

    1. The personal prounoun I must always be capitalized in English;
    2. There is no ending punctuation.

    If this is meant to be a part of a sentence, then only the first part,[ i ] needs correction.
  5. dirtymike Member

    Ahh I see...so that's how it is,I get it now
    many thanks

    Well that post was referring more to the usage of "already" than capitalization and such,thanks for correcting though.
  6. shubh09 New Member

    "India - Hindi & English"
    Use : I am missing you already or I miss you.
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  7. Ann O'Rack Senior Member

    UK English
    A usage you'll probably find more often is "missing you already" (= I AM missing you already) in cheesy films. It wouldn't normally be used sincerely, it's more often said with a tongue-in-cheek tone.
  8. xjm Senior Member

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    "I am missing you already" is very much an Indian English variation. :) In AE most people would use the simpler form "I miss you." (Indian English often uses the continuous form when other dialects would use the simple present.) "Missing you already" is more a closure for a letter, or something you'd say for dramatic effect.
  9. frostypotter Member

    I agree. AE definitely uses "I miss you already." Consider the instance when a boyfriend and girlfriend are spending their last night together. One of them will be leaving the next day and they are discussing the departure. "I miss you already," would be something you say to someone while they are still there, but will inevitably be leaving.

    Aside: It's nice to see another Wisconsinite in the forum.

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