I miss you (hiragana)


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Hi everybody, I want to give to my ex-girlfriend a gift and I want to write something in hiragana to say "thank you for the time spend with me" or "Pleased to meet you" or somethng else (I search japanesse expressions but i dont find anyone it likes me). How is the usual expression to say this feeling?

Any reply will be welcome.thks
  • Perhaps i don't explain very well what i want. My questions was aimed to know some typical expressions in Japanesse of this feeling.
    For example in a languaje like spanish we have a lot of expressions to say some actions or feelings, but this expressions have no sense if you try to translate each word. In this case, you have to search a expresions to say the same thing (perhaps doesn't exist) . the way of proceeding needs a little bit more knowledge of the language target.
    For this reason I asked in this forum :d

    My target is know "usual expressions" to say "It was a pleasure had been in your life" or something else with meanning "happy to be in your life" and after know how to write in hiragana.

    A lot of thanks.

    PD: Perhaps I generate more confusion than clarify.
    PD2: It's my first post and i think i create a lot of ambiguous post. Excuse me.
    Could we understand that your question is, "It was a pleasure had been in your life" or the Japanese equivalent closest to it?

    Then, I would say;
    kimi-to sugoshita jikan-o wasure-nai.
    I shall not forget the time I spent with you.
    very closet.

    Do you know more expressions like this ?

    PD: Now I have to try to write in hiragana :D.