I miss you

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  1. ellas! Member

    Bristol, England
    England, English
    Sorry if this has been done before but I looked quickly and couldn't find one.

    So... In any language you know- I miss you or I'll miss you (or both)

    Thanks :)
  2. Bienvenidos

    Bienvenidos Senior Member

    Spanish: Te extraño
    Farsi: Muh pushtit dict shudaym
    Muh pushtit zyot hufuh shudaym.
    Dict darum.


  3. ShroomS Member

    In Tagalog, you can say it in more ways than one:

    (slang) Miss kita.

    (formal) Nangungulila ako sa iyo.

    OR Ako'y nangungulila sa iyo.
  4. elroy

    elroy Motley mod

    Chicago, IL
    US English/Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    "I miss you" has not been done before but "I'll miss you" has. Please limit your posts in this thread to translations of the former, and use the other thread for translations of the latter.

    "I miss you" in Arabic:

    *If the speaker is a male,...

    ...and is speaking to one person: إني مشتاق إليك (inni mushtaaqun ilaykaa - if "you" is masculine; inni mushtaaqun ilaykii - if "you" is feminine)
    ...and is speaking to two people: إني مشتاق إليكما (inni mushtaaqun ilaykumaa)
    ...and is speaking to a group of three or more people, at least one of whom is male: إني مشتاق إليكم (inni mushtaaqun ilaykum)
    ...and is speaking to a group of three or more females: أني مشتاق إليكن (inni mushtaaqun ilaykunna)

    *If the speaker is a female,...

    ...and is speaking to one person: إني مشتاقة إليك (inni mushtaaqatun ilaykaa - if "you" is masculine; inni mushtaaqun ilaykii - if "you" is feminine)
    ...and is speaking to two people: إني مشتاقة إليكما (inni mushtaaqatun ilaykumaa)
    ...and is speaking to a group of three or more people, at least one of whom is male: إني مشتاقة إليكم (inni mushtaaqatun ilaykum)
    ...and is speaking to a group of three or more females: أني مشتاقة إليكن (inni mushtaaqatun ilaykunna)
  5. Whodunit

    Whodunit Senior Member

    Deutschland ~ Deutsch/Sächsisch
    In German:

    polite address: Ich vermisse Sie.
    familiar address to one person: Ich vermisse dich.
    familiar address to a group: Ich vermisse euch.
  6. Andreas_Jensen Senior Member

    Danish: Jeg savner dig

    Spanish: Te echo de menos (I think this is the most common one)

    Greetings Andreas
  7. DanyD

    DanyD Senior Member

    Italiano, Italy
    To one person: Mi manchi
    To more than one: Mi mancate
  8. Josh_ Senior Member

    the phrontistery
    U.S., English
    In Egyptian colloquial Arabic you can say:

    waHishni (to a male)
    waHshaani (to a female)
    waHshuuni (to a group of people)
  9. crises

    crises Senior Member

    EU Spanish/Catalan
    In Catalan: "Et trobo a faltar".

    About Spanish: in European Spanish the common expression is "Echar de menos" ("Te echo de menos") but in America people say "Extrañar" ("Te extraño").
  10. Krümelmonster Senior Member

    Germany, german
    portuguese: "Tenho saudades tuas" o "Sinto a tua falta"
  11. Bocconcino Member

    To one person: Brakuje mi ciebie
    To more than one: Brakuje mi was
  12. Maja

    Maja Senior Member

    Binghamton, NY
    Serbian, Serbia
    In Serbian:

    I miss you - "Nedostaješ mi" (Cyrillic - Недостајеш ми)
    I will miss you - "Nedostajaćeš mi" (Cyrillic - Недостајaћеш ми)

    Pl. and formal address
    I miss you - "Nedostajete mi" (Cyrillic - Недостајете ми)
    I will miss you - "Nedostajaćete mi" (Cyrillic - Недостајaћете ми)

    Greetings (Pozdrav)!
  13. linguist786 Senior Member

    Blackburn, England
    English, Gujarati & Urdu

    Tu me manques/Vous me manquez (first one is familiar address, second is formal)


    Mujhe uss ki (bahaat) yaadi aatee hai
    (hmm.. maybe there's a shorter way of saying that!)
    literally, it means: "The thoughts of him/her come to me (a lot)" (it's impersonal in Hindi)

    Alternatively: "Mai unko yaad kartaa hoon" ("I remember him/her a lot)


    (following the Hindi style..!)

    Manay enee bo yaadi aavay che
    /Oo ene bo yaad karoo choon
  14. demoore Member

    China, Chine
    Chinese :
    I miss you : 我想念你 (wo xiangnian ni)
    I'm thinking about you : 我想你 (wo xiang ni)
  15. larosa Member

    Hungary, Hungarian
    In Hungarian

    I miss you = Hiányzol / Hiányoztok (pl.)
    I will miss you = Hiányozni fogsz / Hiányozni fogtok (pl.)
  16. macta123 Senior Member

    In Hindi
    I miss you = Mein tumhari kami mahsooz kar rahan hoon
    I will miss you = Mein tumhari kami mahsooz karoonga
  17. linguist786 Senior Member

    Blackburn, England
    English, Gujarati & Urdu
    cool.. good alternative..
    Isn't there like a really short way of saying it?
    Literally that means "I am feeling your absence"
    hmm.. interesting.

    oh by the way, if it's a female speaker, it'd be changed slightly to:
    I miss you = Mein tumhari kami mahsooz kar rahee hoon
    I will miss you = Mein tumhari kami mahsooz karoongee
  18. Dalian

    Dalian Senior Member

    Shanghai, China
    To more than one person:
    我想你们 (wo xiang nimen)
  19. cherine

    cherine Moderator

    Alexandria, Egypt
    Arabic (Egypt).
    Sorry for coming in so late :)
    These are verbs in present tense.

    Also in Egyptian colloquial Arabic, people can sometimes use the past tense to express the same meaning (I miss you) :
    waHashteni (to a male)
    waHashtini (to a female)
    waHashtuuni (to a group of people)
  20. phantomkiss

    phantomkiss New Member

    Sweden, Swedish / Ireland, English
    Saw that this wasn't there so:

    Swedish: "Jag saknar dig" or, if it's to somone you know well, you can simply say "Saknar dig" (as in "Miss You")

  21. andreiro New Member

    Bucharest RO

    If you speak to one person:
    I miss you="Îmi lipseşti" or "Mi-e dor de tine"
    I'll miss you="O să-mi lipseşti" or "O să-mi fie dor de tine" (informal, widely used)
    "Îmi vei lipsi" or "Îmi va fi dor de tine" (formal, rarely used in speech).

    If you speak to more people:
    I miss you="Îmi lipsiţi" or "Mi-e dor de voi"
    I'll miss you="O să-mi lipsiţi" or "O să-mi fie dor de voi" (informal)
    "Îmi veţi lipsi" or "Îmi va fi dor de voi" (formal)
  22. illerdi Senior Member

    Dublin, Éire
    Basque Country, Euskara
    In Basque:

    Zure falta somatzen dut
  23. Pivra Senior Member

    Thai: (phonetically)
    Rao kidtheung ter na' -ka or -krab (-ka is for female speakers, -krab is for male speakers)

    Isan Thai: Ai kudhod tua ner' (-ka or -krab )


    Khoi kuedhod chao de
  24. mae Member

    More Basque...

    Faltan zaitut
    The object zu (you) drops...as well as the subject nik (I).
  25. Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li! Member

    Czech | Czech Republic

    Chybíš mi - informal singular
    Chybíte mi - plural and formal singular
  26. an_indonesian_in_winnipeg New Member

    Indonesian and Indonesia
    Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) for I miss you
    Saya rindu kamu
    Saya kangen kamu
    Aku rindu kamu
    Aku kangen kamu

    for I'll miss you
    saya akan merindukanmu
    aku akan merindukanmu
  27. Kotrab New Member

    Scotland | English
    Scottish Gaelic

    I miss you
    Tha mi gad ionndrainn (informal) or Tha mi gur ionndrainn (formal)

    I will miss you
    Bidh mi gad ionndrainn (informal) or Bidh mi gur ionndrainn (formal)

  28. ksiusha New Member

    russian, romenia Moldavia
    hey, hi..
    it's a bit late , but nobody had written in russian,
    so i thought it gonna be nice-" ia po tebe skuciaiu"
    best wishes:)
  29. bjervell New Member

    Lier, Norway
    Norwegian: jeg savner deg.
  30. Dminor Senior Member

    Dutch, the Netherlands
    Dutch: Ik mis je.
  31. painkiller735 Member

    'i miss you' is the sentence 'seni özlüyorum' in turkish
    and 'i will miss you is seni özleyeceğim.
  32. maud Senior Member

    In Japanese I think that it is:
    Anataga inakute sabishii desu.

    (by the way could someone please tell me what なくて means here ?)
  33. tatica66 New Member

    spanish (colombia)
    I miss you:

    Te extraño

    I will miss you:

    Te extrañaré

    miss = extrañar
  34. conniemeng2005 New Member

    Chinese China

    "I miss you" 我想你 or 我想念你
    both of two sentences are ok :)
  35. WILMSLOW Member

    I miss you
  36. WILMSLOW Member

    I miss you = Te echo de menos
    I will miss you = Te echaré de menos
  37. Etcetera

    Etcetera Senior Member

    St Petersburg, Russia
    Russian, Russia (St Petersburg)
    In Russian:
    Я скучаю по тебе (Ya skuchayu po tebe) - Sing.
    Я скучаю по вам (Ya skuchayu po vam) - Plur.; also polite.
  38. La-Turkish-Chiiqa New Member

    (Home country; Turkey) (Language; Danish, Turkish, English)
    Danish; Jeg savner dig

    Turkish; Seni özlüyorum
  39. Flaminius

    Flaminius coclea mod

    capita Iaponiae
    日本語 / japāniski / יפנית
    inakute: "as [you are] not present" from "inai", negative from of "iru" (exist, for humans).

    In a romantic context, a more stronger adjective seem to be handy:
    anata-ga koishī desu.

    The adjective koishī expresses strong disatisfaction for the absence of the person or the object referred to. It was more frequently used a generation or two ago but, nowadays, its domain seems to be restricted to romance and love affairs.

  40. panjabigator

    panjabigator Senior Member

    San Francisco
    Am. English
    Punjabi: Tusii menu bahut yaad aa rahe ho==literally...Im remembering you a lot...but "I miss you" is implied.
  41. ukuca

    ukuca Senior Member

    Istanbul - Turkey
    Turkish - Turkey
    In Turkish we generally say "Seni özledim" instead of "Seni özlüyorum".
    Both sentences are true, but first one is more common I think.
    "Seni özledim" is not actually in present tense (gramatically in past)
    but this sentence refers a present meaning in daily use.
  42. Sina New Member

    Turco, Turquia

    Özledim seni
    Seni mumla arar olduk
    Arattırdın kendini
    Hasretini çekiyorum

    And a song about this

    Orda bir köy var uzakta
    O köy bizim köyümüzdür
    Gitmesek de, görmesek de
    O köy bizim köyümüzdür.


    There is a village far away from here
    That is our village
    Since we dont go there and see there
    That is our village


    Este es un pueblo
    Lo es mis
    Nos no visitarlo, o verlo, pero
    Lo es mis pueblo.

    (im not sure about spanish one, my spanish isnt good)
  43. viereaty_blienmest Member

    Tôi Nhớ Bạn: I miss you ( for both male and female )
    Anh Nhớ Em: I miss you ( Male to female )
    Em Nhớ Anh: I miss you ( Female to male )
  44. kriumif Member

    Rio de Janeiro
    British English
    Maltese: inhoss in-nuqqas tieghek!!! (or) nimmissjak!
  45. janniah New Member

    filipino (tagalog), philippines
    i really need to know as many different translations as i can for "i miss you"

    please help. thanks:)
  46. *Ginnyminny* Member

    German: Ich vermisse dich
    Dutch: Ik mis u
    French: Je te manque (?)
  47. GenJen54

    GenJen54 Senior Member

    Downright Pleasant, USA
    USA - English
    Hi Janniah,

    Welcome to the Forums! I have moved your thread from the Cultural Discussions forum to here in Other Languages, where you will receive many more replies.

    There is already a thread on this subject with 43 replies. You might want to look at it HERE.

    Good luck!
  48. I think you will find there is already a verrrrry long thread with "I miss you", and others with all kinds of typical things lovers like to say to eachother... I love you, I need you, kiss, etc... It's a good idea to do a search for threads like this first before opening up a new one... :)
  49. Sidjanga Senior Member

    German;southern tendencies
    My (another) suggestion for the German version:
    "Du fehlst mir"
  50. cherine

    cherine Moderator

    Alexandria, Egypt
    Arabic (Egypt).
    I thought I'd be practical to merge the two threads together; this way we'll have all the answers in one way :)
    And I also think you might be interested in the (I will miss you) thread.

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