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คิดถึง pronounced 'kid teung' means 'miss' in Thai. literally it means think [kid] of [teung]. if you wanted to say 'i miss you' you would just say 'kidteung'
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    Hi all :)

    In French now :

    I miss you, singular : tu me manques.
    I miss you, plural : vous me manquez.
    I shall miss you, singular : tu vas me manquer.
    I shall miss you, plural : vous allez me manquer.

    The same for male or female.


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    English, United Kingdom

    나는 네가 그리워.

    나는 - I
    네가 - you
    그리워 - miss

    Oh... i haven't heard this expression before for I miss you, I thought it was something like 보고싶어요 but perhaps this is less formal.


    日本語 / japāniski / יפנית
    How does the meaning or nuance change if one uses 上 here, assuming such construction as below is at all possible?


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    How does the meaning or nuance change if one uses 上 here, assuming such construction as below is at all possible?
    Well...that's not right.
    上 implies a change. For instance,
    I fell in love with you.
    It implies that I have just fallen in love with you, not for a long time.
    I started to be a movie fan.
    It suggests that I wasn't, but now I am.
    But verbs like "miss" are different. It souds weird that you didn't miss someone but miss him now.
    So....上 can be used with some verbs, not all.


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    Lithuania - lithuanian

    I miss you - aš pasiilgau tavęs or man tavęs trūksta
    I'll miss you - aš pasiilgsiu tavęs or man tavęs trūks


    Finland: Swedish, Finnish, English

    I miss you -
    Minulla on sinua ikävä / (Minä) ikävöin sinua

    I will miss you -
    (Minulle) tulee sinua ikävä / (Minä) tulen ikävöimään sinua


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    we say: delam barât tang šode (literally: my heart has become tight for you)

    That's EXTREMELY interesting; in Afghan Persian, that would mean, "I've become tired of you/I'm tired of you."

    tang šodan (az yagciz)
    means To get/be tired of something

    :) :D Weird, isn't it?


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    Literally, “saudade” means nostalgia or longing. However, the true meaning of “saudade” is irrevocably lost in translation.


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    English, Gujarati & Urdu

    Mujhe uss ki (bahaat) yaadi aatee hai
    (hmm.. maybe there's a shorter way of saying that!)
    literally, it means: "The thoughts of him/her come to me (a lot)" (it's impersonal in Hindi)

    Alternatively: "Mai unko yaad kartaa hoon" ("I remember him/her a lot)


    (following the Hindi style..!)

    Manay enee bo yaadi aavay che
    /Oo ene bo yaad karoo choon

    In Hindi
    I miss you = Mein tumhari kami mahsooz kar rahan hoon
    I will miss you = Mein tumhari kami mahsooz karoonga

    cool.. good alternative..
    Isn't there like a really short way of saying it?
    Literally that means "I am feeling your absence"
    hmm.. interesting.

    oh by the way, if it's a female speaker, it'd be changed slightly to:
    I miss you = Mein tumhari kami mahsooz kar rahee hoon
    I will miss you = Mein tumhari kami mahsooz karoongee
    Since this thread has been "revived" again, I decided to see what I wrote months ago and still thinking about a shorter way of saying "I miss you", I would now say:

    Hindi: (/Urdu)

    aap yaad aa raheN ho - formal
    tu yaad aa raheN haiN - informal


    tame yaad aavo Cho - formal
    tu yaad aave Che - informal

    I'm not saying the others were wrong - definitely not, but I would say this is the best and quickest way. The others are a bit, well, long-winded.


    Filipino/American English
    Other translation in Philippine language:

    I miss you ---> Gimingaw ako kanimo.
    I am missing you. ---> Nawagtang ka sa akong panan-aw.


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    English and Macedonian
    In Macedonian:


    I miss you - Ми недостигаш
    I will miss you - Ќе ми недостигаш

    Plural (and formal):

    I miss you - Ми недостигате
    I will miss you - Ќе ми недостигате


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    Poland, Polish
    and here's some ukrainian :) :

    я сумую за тобою - ya sumuyu za toboyu - i miss u (sing)
    я сумую за вами - ya sumuyu za vamy - i miss u (pl)

    я сумуватиму за тобою; я буду сумувати за тобою - ya sumuvatymu za toboyu; ya budu sumuvaty za toboyu - i'll miss u, i'll be missing u (sing)
    я сумуватиму за вами; я буду сумувати за вами - ya sumuvatymu za vamy; ya budu sumuvaty za vamy - i'll miss u, i'll be missing u (pl)


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    Lithuania Czech

    Chybíš mi - informal singular
    Chybíte mi - plural and formal singular
    or: (very similar meaning) Scházíš mi - informal singular
    Scházíte mi - plural and formal singular
    or: (meaning to "I'm longing you" side)
    Stýská se mi po Tobě - informal singular
    (..po Vás (??) would be - plural and formal singular - a little bit strange expression - but it may be used)


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    United States Enligsh/Hebrew
    Im not sure if this has been posted. Theres quite a bit to go through. either way

    In Hebrew

    for a man to a women
    Ani mitga~agea elaih

    for a women to a man
    Ani mitga~aga~at eleha

    for a man to a man (can be brother to brother or friends)
    Ani mitga~agea eleha

    for a women to a women (again, sisters or friends)
    Ani mitga~aga~at elaih