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    Hello from me, too :)

    In Bulgarian:
    1]- I miss you: Липсваш ми (cyrillic)/ "Lipsvash mi"
    2]- I will miss you: Ще ми липсваш / "Shte mi lipsvash"

    1]- Липсвате ми / "Lipsvate mi"
    2]- Ще ми липсвате / "Shte mi lipsvate"


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    English -USA
    I miss you = Eu Tô com saudade (de você)/Tenho saudades de você/ Tenho saudades de ti/ Estou com saudades/ Sinto sua falta/ Sinto falta de ti/ Sinto saudades de você

    I'll miss you = Eu Vou sentir sua falta/ Sentirei sua falta/ Ficarei com saudades/ Eu Vou ficar com saudades/ Vou ter saudades/ Terei saudades

    I missed u! = Tava com saudades/ Fiquei com saudade/ Senti sua falta/ Tive saudades

    French: Tu me manques
    Spanish: Te extraño, Te echo de menos, me haces (mucha) falta
    Italian: Mi manchi (molto) or Mi manchi (tanto)
    Romanian: Imi e dor de tine or Mi-e dor de tine


    English (US)
    In Korean: 보고십어(요) Bo-Go-ship-uh. (yo) <--that's for formal.

    Watch your 종성 (coda) there in the third syllable. It should be:
    (inf) 보고 싶어. (fr) 보고 싶어요. /bogo shipeoyo/, /pogo ɕipʰʌjo/

    And to answer the other part of the question for the future, I will miss you:
    (inf) 보고 싶겠어. (f) 보고 싶겠어요. /bogo shipggesseoyo/, /pogo ɕipk͈es͈ʌjo/

    I'd just like a native speaker to confirm that please ;)


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    These all mean "I miss you" in Korean.
    I hope it helps! :)
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    ישראל, עברית
    In Hebrew it depends on who is talking with who.
    -a man to a woman - אני מתגעגע אליך (ani mitga'age'a elaich)
    -a man to a man - אני מתגעגע אליך (ani mitga'age'a elecha)
    -a man to more than one man - אני מתגעגע אליכם (...elechem)
    -a man to a group of women - אני מתגעגע אליכן (...elechen)

    For a woman it's the same except the מתגעגע turns into מתגעגעת.


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    In case anyone's still following this post, here's how it would be in Estonian (singular form):

    I miss you = ma tunnen sinust/sust puudust (I feel the lack of you)
    or: ma igatsen su järele (I long for you)

    I will miss you = ma hakkan sinust/sust puudust tundma
    or: ma hakkan su järele igatsema



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    I'm Jennifer.

    How do you say "I will miss you all" in any language?

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    I asked a few of my friends this question a few days ago, so here's I miss you in some local languages of Indonesia :)

    Simalungunese: siholan ahu bam(u)
    Javanese: Aku kangen marang sliramu
    Manadonese: kangen sekali pa ngana
    Ambonese: beta rindu ale!
    Bataknese: malungun ahu tu ho


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    Spanish: Te extraño
    Farsi: Muh pushtit dict shudaym
    Muh pushtit zyot hufuh shudaym.
    Dict darum.


    This is a Dari(a different dialect of Farsi) equivalent of "I miss you".
    In Farsi it's said:Delam barat tang shodeh.(singular)
    Delam baratun tang shodeh.(plural)


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    familiar, informal:
    Ich vermisse dich. Ich habe Sehnsucht nach dir. Ich sehne mich nach dir.

    Future: Ich werde dich vermissen. Ich werde mich bestimmt nach dir sehnen.

    Polite formal form, example colleague:

    Ich vermisse Sie.
    Ich werde Sie vermissen.
    Ich sehne mich nach Ihnen.

    Plural, informal, example parents:
    Ich vermisse Euch. Ich habe (große) Sehnsucht nach Euch. Ich sehne mich (sehr) nach Euch.
    Ich werde (große) Sehnsucht nach Euch haben.
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    cool.. good alternative..
    Isn't there like a really short way of saying it?
    Literally that means "I am feeling your absence"
    hmm.. interesting.

    oh by the way, if it's a female speaker, it'd be changed slightly to:
    I miss you = Mein tumhari kami mahsooz kar rahee hoon
    I will miss you = Mein tumhari kami mahsooz karoongee

    here's a short way, and the only way that I learned from my host family:

    main aapko miss karti/a hoon :)
    but also
    main aapko yaad karti/a hoon
    मैं आपको याद करती/करता हूँ

    i'm also under the impression that yaad karna means to remember? so saying "main aapko yaad karungi" means i will remember you as well as i will miss you